Online Business Strategy – Secrets to Pricing a Product

There are different ways of pricing a product, others just base it on their cost then comparing it with their competition’s price, others just do the standard (cost x 3 = price) formula, while others… because of being oblivious about pricing a product  just decides to pull a number out of the hat and base […]

3 April 2013
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Strategies for a Successful CPA Marketing Campaign

Implementing a CPA campaign in place without proper planning and the right strategy can prove to be very expensive and frustrating. When running a CPA marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you take note of the key factors that make it successful. To get a better understanding of how to run a successful CPA marketing campaign, […]

Microsoft Overpowers iPhone and BlackBerry in Markets

Mobile phones aren’t just considered as a want nowadays, they’re considered as a need for millions of people. Nokia, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Apple are one of the top mobile companies that compete for the top spot in the mobile niche of technology. It can’t be denied that these four are on the top of their […]

Facebook Marketing – How to Create a Viral Post

Creating a viral post on Facebook can cause a HUGE IMPACT on your business. It can bring hundreds of $$$$ (depending on how you utilize it) PLUS! It also helps in increasing your connections causing a bigger chance of repeat sales. Seeing how powerful the benefit is of having a viral post, you can’t help […]

Internet Marketing – Where to Get Free to Use Images

A nicely written article without images is like a huge burger without any sauce! That’s right.WITHOUT ANY SAUCE! You wouldn’t want a burger without a sauce right? So does your readers. They won’t find an article enticing to read if it doesn’t have any images. That being said, you should already know by now that images play a key […]

Samsung Galaxy S IV – Not Just a Touch Screen

Shocked? Yes, Samsung has already launched its newest and much awaited version of the Samsung Galaxy, the fourth version. So, question, when is a smartphone touchscreen not a touchscreen? This is the time when your smartphone is able to communicate with your hand gestures, movements, and even with your eyes. This was basically Samsung’s point, […]

Playstation 4 New Dual Shock Controller

The dual shock controller has enhanced its feel of the joystick and its trigger buttons resulting to a much tighter sense of control on in-game actions. They’ve also added new features like the touch pad as a new form of input, a share button and head-phone jack to enhance the social interactions, and a light-bar […]

Internet Marketing Strategies – What Works in 2013

Have you planned-out the internet marketing strategies you’ll be implementing this year? You probably know by now that the rules for internet marketing are a running target and simply sticking to a fixed one won’t work. With all the changes and updates, staying up to date is a vital factor to achieving success. Trending shows […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s Next Big Day

March 14, 2013 is the day of the next grand unveiling for Samsung Electronics as they are set to launch the latest installment for their line of Samsung Galaxy S phones. Just a few more days and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will already be released publicly. The launching event will happen at Radio City Music […]

Mozilla OS for a FireFox Smartphone

Mozilla is a non-commercially-motivated company that formed the Firefox Web browser. Recently, it made an announcement that it will release an operating system for smart phones this coming June. This is to give opportunity for mobile device creators to make a more inexpensive phone. The main vision of this endeavor is to make the phone […]