We invite you to see the whole list of our amazing FEATURES…

One Touch Calling

One touch calling from  your mobile site or app.

GPS Directions

Turn-by-turn directions to your business.

Tell- A-Friend

Go viral with built in sharing capabilities.


Event Listings

Display your business events directly to your customers.

Business Information

Integrate your business information how ever you want.

Points of Interest

Create and display points of interest on a map.



Let your customers take and send a picture directly to your email.

Contact Information

Multiple ways to be contacted by your customers.

Fan Wall

Let customers post reviews on your wall and manage them online.


Push Notifications

Send messages to your customers when ever you like.

GPS Coupons

Let your customers to unlock mobile coupons by “checking in” to your business.

Image Gallery

Beautiful “image gallery” to display your business pictures optomized for the Android and Iphone.


Flexbile Counter

Let customers count items related to your business and let them send the results to you.

Mailing List

Stay connected with your customers and send them newsletters.

Tip Calculator

Let customers count their tips quickly for big dinner parties.


Qr Coupons

Create redeamble Qr coupons for your customers.

Mortgage Calculator

Are you a Real Estate Agent? Why not have preset interest rates for your customers.

Blog Intergration

Allow your cusotmers to read your blog post directly from your customizable smart phone app.


Social Network Integration

Stay connected with your customers.

Email Integration

Easily import contacts for your chose email marketing campaign service.

Commerce Integration

Intergrate your commerce store items into a mobile shopping cart feature.


Open Table Integration

Restaurant reservation system in the go directly in your app.

Shopping Cart

Add and sell products directly in your mobile app.

Podcast Intergration

Let your customers listen to your podcast in the go.


Sound Cloud Integration

Let users listen to your audios on the go.

YouTube Integration

Display thousands of videos directly from your YouTube channel within your mobile app.

Picasa Integration

Display pictures of your business directly from your Picasa account.


WuFoo Integration

Create multiple forms instantly using Wufoo and do much more.


Let users record text notes and email them anytime to anyone.

Voice Recorder

Give users the power to record voice notes/messages and email them to anyone at anytime.


Mobile Ads

Make money with your mobile app by adding ads into it from the best mobile ad providers in the industry.

Flickr Integration

Got a Flickr account? Why not Display pictures of your business directly from your account and share with your customers.

Reservation Feature

Let your users reserve accommodation instantly within your app.


iPhone and iPad Store

Create and have your very own native iOS application available within munites in the app store.

 Android Store

Release your app to the growing Android market easily and fast.

HTML5 Mobile Web

Create a HTML5 mobile web page to work with your current website instantly.