Facebook Marketing – How to Create a Viral Post

Creating a viral post on Facebook can cause a HUGE IMPACT on your business. It can bring hundreds of $$$$ (depending on how you utilize it) PLUS! It also helps in increasing your connections causing a bigger chance of repeat sales.

Seeing how powerful the benefit is of having a viral post, you can’t help but wonder just how exactly people are making their posts viral. Is it pure luck or is there a psychology behind it..? If these are some of the questions lingering in your mind right now, then you’re at the right place.

Let’s talk about how making your post viral…

I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to this happen. These no BS tips will surely get you results if you act on them…

  • Your topic shouldn’t just be highly targeted, you should also MAKE SURE that your community likes it.

 Note that the phrase “make sure” is in CAPS!

Now we all know about making our posts targeted to our niche group. If you’re in a marketing niche, then it makes sense for us to post topics about marketing (plain and simple). But how do you MAKE SURE that your community likes to read about what you’re posting?

You’d be amazed at how simple yet effectively logical these tips are…

  • Consult the FORUMS

I know right? It’s simple yet it makes A LOT of sense. If you visit the forums and look for threads (of course it should be specific to your niche) that has a lot of comments and interaction with it, you can use that thread’s topic as your post’s topic.

The fact that it has a lot of comments to it proves that people feel strongly about the topic. If the people in the forums feel strongly about it, you can be 100% sure that your niche specific group (which is the same as the forums’) feels the same way too.

  • Ask Them…

It doesn’t get as simple as this. If you ask them, you’d know exactly what they want. You can carefully strategize your posts in such a way that you’ll do a “survey type” of posts on the first week and base your succeeding posts for the rest of the month on their answers.

Please be advised that time also plays a key role in this tip. If their answers are about time related topics, you’d be better off posting it ASAP since they might not be as interested if they see it 1 – 2 weeks after.

Since they’re telling you what they want to know, nothing can be as accurate as that!

  • Get some Facebook real estate

You can do this by posting a huge image on your post. When I said huge, I mean a huge image that makes sense. Don’t just post a RIDICULOUSLY LARGE and pointless image on Facebook. If you do that, rest assured that your community will pick-up on what you’re doing and you’ll probably end up being reported as spam.

It’s a known fact that for a post to be viral, people should first be interested in what you posted (we got that covered), and your post should visible enough (our images has that covered as well). If you have both of these elements working for you, then chances of making your posts viral shoots up dramatically.

Don’t take these tips for granted. Start applying these Facebook marketing tips to get your business the boost it needs.