Internet Marketing – Where to Get Free to Use Images

A nicely written article without images is like a huge burger without any sauce! That’s right.WITHOUT ANY SAUCE! You wouldn’t want a burger without a sauce right? So does your readers. They won’t find an article enticing to read if it doesn’t have any images.

That being said, you should already know by now that images play a key role as far as increasing your articles readability and making it “shareable”. But with all the infringement and copyright issues on the web, how or where exactly do you find free to use images?

Let me share with you JUST ONE REALLY AWESOME PLACE to find free to use images for your articles.

And that best place is… GOOGLE IMAGES!

Really?! Yes REALLY!

There’s a “SECRET WAY” to using Google images where all the images that’d show-up on the search results are free to use. Amazing right? If all the search results are free to use then you won’t have to worry about infringement and copyright issues anymore. Funny thing is, I’ve asked my internet marketing friends about this and even they didn’t know about this technique.

What’s the secret technique you might ask? Follow these steps.

1.)    Click Images on the upper left part of

2.)    Search the keyword that you’re looking for

3.)    Once the result comes-up, click the “Gear” looking image on the upper right part of the page (The option button)

4.)    Click the “advanced search” drop-down

5.)    Scroll down to the part where it says usage rights

6.)    Choose free to use or share, even commercially or free to use, share or modify even commercially.

After you setup the settings, all the images you’ll find on the search results will show free to use images only.

You can then cherry pick from all the results that Google gives you.

After all these years of writing articles and internet marketing, I’ve just recently found out about this technique. Finally, you can stop worrying about infringement or copyright issues. This technique will do you a lot of good when looking for images.

As an added resource, I also look for images at or for free to use images. I especially like because their images are really top quality. Their images are easily downloadable and you can easily find the terms of use of the images on the lower right part of the image (I have yet to find one where it says the image can’t be used).

Once you use these resources, you won’t have any problems on copyright and infringement issues anymore. Take advantage of these tips now and add as much images to your articles to make it visually enticing to your readers!