Internet Marketing Strategies – What Works in 2013

Have you planned-out the internet marketing strategies you’ll be implementing this year? You probably know by now that the rules for internet marketing are a running target and simply sticking to a fixed one won’t work. With all the changes and updates, staying up to date is a vital factor to achieving success.

Trending shows that this 2013, there’s a new set of internet marketing strategies that are standing-out above the rest. If you emphasize on these, you’ll definitely get more results compared to other means of marketing.

  • Social media marketing

Google loves seeing your articles being shared on social media sites. The logic shows that if your posts or contents are shared, it has the social media’s stamp of approval.

As you may already know, Google’s recent changes are geared towards user experience. That being said, the more people liking and sharing your post or contents, the more it tells Google that the users are liking it.

  • Video marketing

YouTube is the second best search engine in the planet! People spend most of their time watching videos at YouTube or staying on social media sites. With over 3 billion viewers per day, there’s no mistake that YouTube is the place to be.

Another benefit that video marketing can do is that it helps drive highly targeted traffic. The way it works is that people normally create multiple videos in YouTube and at the end of the videos, they tell their viewers to check-out the other videos that they made.

Once the viewers see more of their videos, trust and credibility is then created. From there, they then visit your sites with your trust, credibility, and your expertise established. These are the key factors in closing a sale.

  • Web 2.0 Marketing

Web 2.0s are getting its name on the ranks. There’s been a lot of fuss around the web about using web 2.0 sites as their main marketing strategy.

People are flocking around web 2.0 sites like and True enough, in-terms of traffic generation, these sites are classic! Although there are several internet marketing strategies on the web right now, this one shows really good potential.

These internet marketing strategies are slowly rising to the top and trending shows that it’ll only get more audience this year.

What internet marketing strategies do you plan to set-up this year? Please leave a comment below and share your ideas.