Mozilla OS for a FireFox Smartphone

Mozilla is a non-commercially-motivated company that formed the Firefox Web browser. Recently, it made an announcement that it will release an operating system for smart phones this coming June. This is to give opportunity for mobile device creators to make a more inexpensive phone. The main vision of this endeavor is to make the phone widely available in poorer areas and countries that have few smart phones in the market. Their smart phones are goaled to be priced at a very cheaper rate, from 80 USD t0 100 USD only, before the subsidies.

Compared with the other smart phone devices playing in the market, the price range of Firefox smart phones are definitely below the ceiling. An iPhone 5 has a hefty price tag of around $650 – $850 while the latest flagship device from Samsung, the Galaxy S3 is priced at about 600 USD. The Firefox phone can swamp the giant mobile and tech companies as the Firefox OS only uses Web-based technologies that are acting like smart phone applications.

Mobile phone creators such as Huawei, TCL, LG, and ZTE already have plans of manufacturing the phone with the Firefox OS from Mozilla. In fact, Mozilla had already showcased certain phone models designed and created by ZTE and TCL during a telecommunications industry event held at Barcelona, Spain.

The phone models with Firefox OS basically appear and work like an iPhone or an Android phone. However, the devices come in wider range of color, with different types of bodies like rubber and hard metal. Basic features of the phone include capacity to send text and emails, as well as usage of camera and web browser, alongside other features. Mozilla is also planning to create an apps store where developers can easily offer and showcase their applications. The developers for Firefox OS are going to write their applications using HTML 5, which is a more universally, understood language for creating web pages.

Gary Kovacs, Mozilla’s chief executive, mentioned in an interview that this new OS will be the beginning of a third ecosystem, following the two operating systems, the Android from Google and iOS from Apple. His exact words are:  “This is the start of what will undoubtedly be a third ecosystem…The next 2 billion Smartphone users will come from the developing world.”

One can’t help but wonder… with Mozilla joining the market, how will Google and Apple react to this. It seems like the world of technology is in the verge of a drastic change once again.