Playstation 4 New Dual Shock Controller

The dual shock controller has enhanced its feel of the joystick and its trigger buttons resulting to a much tighter sense of control on in-game actions. They’ve also added new features like the touch pad as a new form of input, a share button and head-phone jack to enhance the social interactions, and a light-bar as simpler more friendly way to identify a players. This new controller was designed in tandem with a second peripheral – a stereo camera that can sense the depth of the environment in front of it and track the 3D position of the controller via its light-bulb.

Parts of the controller:

  • Trigger Buttons

This part or features are responsible of activating certain actions or movement of a character or an option selection. From it’s newly form trigger button, it becomes more interactive and firm to the hands for a nicer grip and cool appearance.

  • Share Buttons

This new added feature lets you share depending on the program or games played. It also allows players to upload plays to U-Stream. You can also watch others gamer play or join if you want. In short, this button broadcasts your own play session – even the game-play is taken place. This can also activate sharing of in-game items between gamers or upload images and video to Facebook.

  • Audio Jack

Is the device where you can plug your head-set for a more interactive gaming for your cyber-social friends voice-chat. This will let you talk and hear players in the game. Or just listen to music and game sound effects. This is awesome when playing multi-player games.

  • Built-in Speaker

Located just above the audio jack, this feature unlocks the oral interaction between you and other gamers.

  • Dual Shock Pad or D-Pads

From the recent PS3 the D-pads are not quite soothing for the fingers to touch on. But the new upgraded D-pads become much bulkier and firmer allowing player to be more comfortable handling D-pad.

  • Touch Pad

This new feature of Playstation lets a player to become more in to the game and gives identification with color coding enabling for a more real-time gaming experience. The touch-pad is the most unique with other gaming console because it is attached on a joystick creating coolness of its appearance. In addition, to be able to interact by touching or sliding your finger across the touch pad surface, you can also click in adding another button to the controller.

  • Blue – Light Bar

The blue light bar is responsive in real-time motions and identifies players’ links or to what port you are plugged in. It can also indicate when your game character is on its low health level via changes of colored lights on the controller.

  • Stereo Camera

That absorbs interaction of a gamer converting in to the games real-time action program. The stereo camera is newly added feature and brings more enjoyment to its gamers online or offline.

Getting excited? This awesome controller is rumored to be released together with the Playstation console in 2013.