Samsung Galaxy S IV – Not Just a Touch Screen

Shocked? Yes, Samsung has already launched its newest and much awaited version of the Samsung Galaxy, the fourth version. So, question, when is a smartphone touchscreen not a touchscreen? This is the time when your smartphone is able to communicate with your hand gestures, movements, and even with your eyes. This was basically Samsung’s point, to create and invent the “smartest” phone in the market, something that’s almost close as something that you need not tap on the screen for it to perform essential functions for you. Samsung did this to take a serious note on its challenge against Apple’s iPhone dominance in the mobile market.

So how does the Samsung Galaxy SIV interact with your eyes, movement, and your hand gestures? The following are the gimmicks or innovation on how SIV’s “magic” work.

  • Face Tracking Pause

While enjoying your favorite movie or video, someone gets to call out your name and you kind of get a little frustrated because you had to go back and rewind the whole thing again. With the new SIV, you need not do this any longer. With its face tracking camera lens that’s in front of the smartphone, it is able to see the face looking at the camera and it is able to recognize if that shape is changed, say for example, you are staring down at your phone, and you turn your head, the camera would then be alerted to stop whatever is the activity on your phone, say, stopping or putting a pause on the said video. With this innovative feature, fussing on hitting the rewind button won’t ever be a problem ever again.

  • Tilt Scrolling

An accelerate-motor is able to sense the movement of the phone while you’re handling it. This device is able to scroll from one page to another if you manage to tilt the device. So instead of using your other hand for swiping to another image/page, you just simply tilt the phone for better ease.

  • Using Hand Gestures for Performing Functions

Ever thought that just by waving your hand, without even touching the screen, would make it for a smartphone to communicate with you? With Samsung Galaxy S4, this has been made possible. Although it would sound “gimmick-y”, it’s still a clever idea from its innovators to pursue such thing to happen. It functions more or less like the “face tracking pause” feature, wherein the front camera lens communicates with your gestures. Imagine, flipping from one view to another, with your hand gestures, without ever touching your phone… am-aaaaaa-zing.

These are just three of the highlighted “updates” of the said device and most people said that it’s rather more of gimmicky that for it to be useful for the people. Its tricks about eye tracking and gesture communication might seem to not delight everyone else as not everyone would most likely be entertained by it or may find it very useful at all. Good thing is, it is way much better than its third version, it has better hardware and software in combination, plus, it’s known to be the best smartphone in the market as of today. So if you’re one of those who love to have the top of the line, get one for yourself now.