Samsung Galaxy S4 – Samsung’s Next Big Day

March 14, 2013 is the day of the next grand unveiling for Samsung Electronics as they are set to launch the latest installment for their line of Samsung Galaxy S phones. Just a few more days and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will already be released publicly.

The launching event will happen at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, New York and will kick off at exactly 4 pm P.T. A lot of smart phone fanatics and enthusiasts are very much excited about this forthcoming event for the newest member of the Galaxy S franchise, which is highly anticipated to be another major blockbuster from the South Korea-based phone manufacturing company. Samsung Galaxy S4 is another phone to rival the iPhone products of Apple, and a lot of expecting a very tough competition from these two technology giants.

Galaxy S3, the predecessor of the soon –to- be-launched phone made and broke several sales record since it was launched, that is why, there is a lot of hype and attention given to the unveiling of Galaxy S4 now. And the whole world is expecting some surprised from Samsung Electronics through this phone. One rumor spreading on the mobile technology world is that Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an eye-tracking technology which will allow the user to scroll through pages using only the eye movements. This feature is called Smart Scroll, according to the screenshots that were leaked by a blog site called Sammobile.

The leaked image that was posted on the website displays a settings screen for the Smart Scroll feature, which one can use to scroll through the screen as well as perform other specific tasks by just moving their eyes. For example, if a user is reading an article and he or she reaches the bottom of the page already, the Smart Scroll software automatically scroll down to show the succeeding texts. It was also shown in the screenshots that the phone users do have options to make adjustments on the speed and acceleration of the scroll, according to how they move their eyes and head. Users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can also pick which applications can be integrated with the Smart Scroll feature. And another exciting feature believed to grace the latest Samsung smart phone is the Smart Pause which automatically pauses a video once the user look away from the screen.

In a matter of days, the next big thing to happen in the mobile technology will arrive through the Galaxy S4, and for sure, many are excitedly waiting for it already.